Management structure

The management structure of NSFP SmartFibre Pty Ltd comprises the following key people:

James Neville-Smith

Executive Chairman – James Neville-Smith

James has been an active and influential member of the forest industry for over fifteen years. Prior to this James worked for six years in the financial sector. As CEO, James orchestrated the sale of Neville Smith Timber Industries Pty Ltd, then largest hardwood timber operation in Australia, to ITC Limited where he became the CEO of the merged entity. James and his family subsequently sold its stake in ITC to Elders (formerly Futuris Ltd) in 2006.

In 2011, James led his family back into the forest sector and twelve months later has now acquired all of the Tasmanian hardwood processing assets back, including SmartFibre Pty Ltd (James and his family business built SMARTFIBRE in 2001). James has a detailed and thorough understanding of both the hardwood timber and woodchip business and long standing relationships in both China and Japan.


Danny Peet

General Manager – Danny Peet

Danny has been in the industry for 30+ years and has over 15 years in the position of Manager, successfully overseeing and operating the site at Bell Bay; managing costs and productivity without compromise to staff safety or plant and equipment.

Danny is a highly capable manager holding extensive knowledge regarding the site, plant, equipment, maintenance, production and ship-loading requirements