About us


SmartFibre site layout

SMARTFIBRE is situated on 2.5 hectares, strategically located adjacent to the Bell Bay Port on the eastern bank of the Tamar River, approximately 45 km north of Launceston.

The mill is located within the Bell Bay Major Industrial Zone and benefits from limited operating restrictions and is able to operate 24 hours per day.

The SMARTFIBRE site consists of a log yard, a electric powered 96" wood chipper, a concrete outside chip stockpile (OCS) with reclaim and a conveyor belt which links directly to the Bell Bay Port infrastructure.

SMARTFIBRE currently operates five shifts per week for ten (10) hours per day producing 10,000 GMT of chips per week.


SmartFibre sign

NSFP SmartFibre Pty Ltd (trading as SMARTFIBRE) was established in 2003 as a hardwood chip mill under a joint venture arrangement between Neville Smith Group and FEA. In 2004 the Neville Smith Group was acquired by Integrated Tree Cropping Limited, which in turn was acquired by Elders in 2006.

In December 2012 the Neville Smith Group regained 100% ownership of the business.

Environment health and safety

SMARTFIBRE has achieved a number of milestones as part of its focus on continuous performance in environment, health and safety.

  • Site Certification to EMS IS014001 in 2005
  • Four Thousand (4000) days without any lost time injuries

Certified Product

  • Australian Forestry Standard (AFS AS4708) Chain of Custody
    in 2007
  • Certified Wood